Delicacies that …

… will take you to France

Many people love to consume these delicacies, but few people like to cook them.
That is why we are here!
To deliver an unforgettable taste pleasure!
We are satisfied when our customers are also satisfied, because there is nothing better than a “satisfied customer”!

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… and they will introduce you to the tradition

Snails are a traditional dish for French and Italian cuisine. Of course, they can be prepared in different ways and recipes. Here, we introduce you some of the most tempting flavors, borrowed from traditional recipes, but served in tune with culinary trends.

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At home

Surprise your guests with something special. Quick and easy to prepare peace of mind at home.

Restaurants and catering

If you want to offer our products in your restaurant or catering company, do not hesitate to contact us.

Business offers

For distributors and wholesalers - special conditions.

Clean products ( Ecologically clean products)

Our products …

We feel responsible for the quality of the products our customers receive.

The production base and processing plant have licenses issued by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA), which comply with Bulgarian and European legislation. Also, we are HASSP certified.


… save your time

You are a sophisticated restaurant or catering company and you know how valuable the cooking time is – that’s why we introduce you the right products.

You want to properly welcome your unexpected guests at home and you know how valuable cooking time is – that’s why we introduce you the right products.

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